It Starts with Us summary: Heartwarming Romance novel

It Starts with Us summary: It is a 2022 romance novel by Colleen Hoover. It is the sequel to Hoover’s 2016 novel It Ends with Us, and follows the story of Lily Bloom and Atlas Corrigan, two childhood friends who reunite as adults and rekindle their romance.

Author’s Information

Colleen Hoover is a New York Times bestselling author of over twenty novels, including It Ends with Us, November 9, Ugly Love, and Regretting You. Her books have been translated into over thirty-five languages and have sold over twenty million copies worldwide. Hoover is known for her emotional and realistic writing style, which often deals with difficult topics such as domestic violence, addiction, and mental illness.

Detailed Summary

It Starts with Us begins nearly a year after the events of It Ends with Us. Lily Bloom is now a single mother to her daughter Emerson, and she is trying to rebuild her life after leaving her abusive ex-husband Ryle Kincaid. Atlas Corrigan is now a successful chef and restaurateur, and he is still in love with Lily.

One day, Lily and Atlas run into each other unexpectedly on the streets of Boston. They are both hesitant to rekindle their romance, but they can’t deny their feelings for each other. Lily is worried about Ryle’s reaction if he finds out about her relationship with Atlas, and Atlas is concerned about the impact that their relationship could have on Emerson.

Despite their fears, Lily and Atlas decide to start dating again. They slowly rebuild their trust and learn to love each other again. However, their relationship is complicated by Ryle’s presence in their lives. Ryle is determined to win Lily back, and he will stop at nothing to get her back.

Lily and Atlas must face many challenges in their relationship, but they are determined to be together. They learn to heal from their past traumas, and they build a strong and loving relationship. In the end, Lily and Atlas find their way to happily ever after.

Theme of the Book

The main theme of It Starts with Us is healing and second chances. Lily and Atlas are both characters who have been hurt in the past, but they find the strength to heal and move on. They also find the courage to give love another chance.

The book also explores the themes of domestic violence, trauma, and forgiveness. Lily is a survivor of domestic violence, and she struggles to overcome the trauma of her past. Atlas is also a survivor of trauma, as he was abused by his mother as a child. Despite their past experiences, Lily and Atlas are able to forgive each other and build a healthy and loving relationship.


Q: Is It Starts with Us a standalone novel?

A: Yes, It Starts with Us can be read as a standalone novel. However, it is recommended that readers read It Ends with Us first, as it provides important backstory for Lily and Atlas’s relationship.

Q: Does It Starts with Us have a happy ending?

A: Yes, It Starts with Us has a happy ending. Lily and Atlas overcome all of the challenges in their relationship and find their way to happily ever after.

Q: Is It Starts with Us a trigger warning?

A: Yes, It Starts with Us does contain trigger warnings for domestic violence and trauma. Readers should be aware of this before reading the book.

Conclusion-It Starts with Us summary

It Starts with Us is a beautifully written and heartwarming story about healing and second chances. It is a must-read for fans of romance novels and anyone who has ever been hurt in the past.

Review of It Starts with Us Book

In addition to the main themes of healing and second chances, It Starts with Us also explores the themes of love, forgiveness, and family. The book shows that it is possible to heal from trauma and find love again. It also shows that family can be found in the most unexpected places.

Overall, It Starts with Us is a well-written and thought-provoking novel that is sure to stay with readers long after they finish reading it.

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