Topics For Descriptive Essays With PDF Examples

Topics For Descriptive Essays With PDF Examples

Okay, so how can you create a great descriptive essay?
The best thing to do is to start with tips like the ones in this article that will inspire you to write more. Next, engage your readers by getting them to understand and relate to the meaning and thoughts behind everything you’ve written in your essay. To help with these elements of an essay, add important details and characteristics or features of a person, place, object, or experience into your descriptive essay. The more details and descriptions you share within your essay’s body paragraphs, the better it will be.

How to Choose a Topic for a Descriptive Essay

Before you choose a question topic, describe the topic by painting specific pictures with words. Rather than saying what the subject of your essay is, use sensory details to evoke specific images in your reader’s mind.

As you build your descriptive essay, try to write about things you know. For example, would you describe your taste in food or how something smells or feels? You can also ask yourself these questions to help spark your creativity when it comes to writing a descriptive essay:

  • How did you see it?
  • That which did you hear?
  • What touched did you?
  • What odor did you notice?
  • What flavor did you taste?

You probably can’t describe every single thing you’re writing about, or you’ll end up with a very long essay. But try to write “Show, Don’t Tell” content when it is appropriate. After all, if you’re writing about grief, you’re unlikely to be able to describe the taste of it.

Twelve Topics for Creative Descriptive Essays

These 12 descriptive essay topics provide the freedom to develop your content in different ways and with many sensory details. They are divided into four categories: people, places, objects and experiences. Each type has three descriptive essay writing ideas. How you develop these essays is up to you, and 3 ideas related to each category will be presented for inspiration!

Writing Descriptive Person-Related Topics

Describe someone you admire.

Our emotions are powerful and often times define us. One that is particularly powerful is the emotion of envy. When you experience this emotion, see it not as a bad thing, but rather as an opportunity to learn more about human behavior by asking yourself why you have these feelings in the first place. It may also be useful to question what was going on right around the moment when you got jealous or envious of someone so that you can learn more about how jealousy or envy works and if there’s anything we can do to be better at controlling our emotions, especially when we’re competing with others in business settings or any other scenario where such negative feelings crop up out of nowhere because they really don’t help with making decisions based on facts instead of something imagined.
Interviews to develop this essay topic: What do you think of the term playboy? How do you think someone could be a playboy? Would you consider yourself one, and if so, why?

Describe a motivational friend or family member.

We love to read about inspiring individuals. Inspiring individuals inspire others to carry on with their own ventures in the world and help them achieve continued success. If you can think back to a time that an individual has inspired you directly or indirectly, describe what impact that person made on you personally or professionally.
Questions to consider as you develop this essay topic: What did this person do that you were inspired by? How did this person act toward others? What was the effect on those around them?

Describe the oddest person you’ve ever met.

Strange people are easy to remember and if you happen to notice an unusual individual with a quirky set of characteristics, your mind will be churning with information that you can write about for an essay. Before choosing this topic, brainstorm a few ideas about what makes this person so strange? What does he/she do that is out of the norm? Does he eat weird foods all day long or maybe play unusual sports, etc.?
Questions to consider as you develop this essay topic: How did you feel about this person?

Topics for Descriptive Writing About a Location

Describe a childhood favorite.

People love to discover more about what inspires and makes someone tick, as it helps them get to know one another better. Writing about childhood memories is often a great way to relate back to your platform in an engaging and inspiring way. Try writing an engaging piece on the place where you enjoyed spending your childhood at growing up.
If you selected this topic, describe the place in detail so everyone who reads your paper will have a clear image of this place in their head.
Questions to consider as you develop this essay topic: How did this place appear? What did you do at this location? How did you feel about the neighborhood? Was there anyone else there?

Describe a beautiful natural setting.

Describe a forest, a river or other place that is outside and has something to do with nature.
Questions to consider as you develop this essay topic: What was the appearance of this location? What exactly did you do at this location? Were you accompanied by anyone else? Was there anything you heard, smelled, tasted, or touched at the location? What were your feelings like while you were there?

Describe a creepy or haunted location.

A scary place is one with plenty of details. Imagine walking through a haunted forest or down a dark alleyway off the beaten path at night – you may experience plenty of different sensations in these scenarios. It could be similar to that moment when you first walk into an old abandoned house, there’s usually a stench of something unpleasant and when you notice cobwebs decorating the corners of rooms. That’s one way to describe a creepy environment.
Questions to consider as you develop this essay topic: Why is this place so eerie? Did you come across anyone or anything that scared you? What was its location? How did this place appear? What did you see, hear, smell, or feel while visiting this location?

Topics for Descriptive Writing about an Object

Describe a work of art.

Art is fascinating in so many ways, the depth of thought behind some pieces can be wonderful. The fact that most are created to elicit an emotional response just makes art that much more powerful. Be sure to take note of what you find most interesting or appealing about a piece you see when you go to an exhibition or gallery, as it provides excellent content for your descriptive essay. You should think about describing every little detail you notice in your piece.
Questions to consider as you develop this essay topic: How does this piece of art appear? Can you get close to it? If so, how does it make you feel? What emotions do you experience when you see this decoration, painting, installation, or other piece of art?

Describe a fortunate object.

The idea behind a lucky charm is to have something on your person that will protect you against misfortune or bring about good fortune in some way or another. It can be any object that you believe has either given you luck or made it come true.
Questions to consider as you develop this essay topic: What are the features of this object? What is its function? What makes this a fortunate object?

Describe a piece of equipment used in your favorite sport or hobby.

If you enjoy sports or collecting, write about the items you need for your hobby. For example, you could talk about a unique postage stamp or your autographed ball from your favorite team.
Questions to consider as you develop this essay topic: What are this object’s characteristics or features? What is its function? What is the significance of this object? What sensory details can you include?

Topics for Descriptive Essays on an Experience

Describe the first time you drove a car or rode a skateboard.

First experiences are emotional and meaningful to people. For some people, it might mean flying an airplane for the first time, and for others, a new trick on a skateboard. In addition to these examples, there are other instances where our first experiences can influence us and make us who we are today.
Questions to consider as you develop this essay topic: During this experience, what did you see, hear, touch, smell, or taste? What exactly did you do? Were there other people involved? What did they do, if so? What emotions did you feel during this experience? What are your thoughts now?

Tell me about a hike or special walk you went on.

Do you remember the time you took a hike or went on a walk alone down a scenic trail? Do you recall an experience you had taking a walk through a historical district or park? If so, describe that experience.
Questions to consider as you develop this essay topic: What was it like where you were? During this experience, what did you hear, see, or touch? What exactly did you do? What did the others do?

Describe a pleasant memory.

Write about your most memorable family experience. For example, it could be meeting a loved one or an occasion when everyone in your family got along. It is important to remember what happened and how you felt about the situation.
Questions to consider as you develop this essay topic: What made it a pleasant experience? What happened? Were you alone, or was anyone else there? Could you tell other people about it?

PDF Example a Topic for a Descriptive Essay

Below is one example of an essay prompt from the test, as well as a sample essay. Read this before trying to write your essay.



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